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Pula Istria

1st - 3rd August

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Gladiators in the Amphitheater

This Roman Amphitheatre, built in the 1st century during Emperor Vespasian’s reign, is the sixth largest in the world. It is believed it has hosted a number of games in the past, from relentless gladiator fights to animal hunting.

Even today, the arena attracts many visitors from all over the world in search of attractive events. Film and opera festivals, concerts by world stars and sporting spectacles that continuously amaze passionate audiences take place on this incredible stage under the open sky.

In an exciting series of mega events, Arena Pula, the most gorgeous Istrian stage, will welcome the Legends Team Cup-ATP Champions Tour this summer. With an amazing scenography, the site will accommodate 4,000 spectators and 300 VIP per day.

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