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The interest in the Legends Team Cup is outstanding.

Apply now to be one of the annual 8 events. We are looking for Local Hosts in Asia, Europe, Oceania, and Africa. America and the Middle East are reserved.

Picture this: iconic players from recent years, handpicked by tennis legends, battling it out at your spectacular destination. The Legends Team Cup is a high-class competition and a celebration of tennis excellence, a fusion of past and present that promises unforgettable moments.

Only 5 iconic spots are left for the 2025 global tour. Saudi Arabia and New York are confirmed. We will build up a tennis arena (only one court is needed) at spectacular locations around the globe. Aimed at inaugurating a new era in tennis, this event stands out for its exhilarating competitions with tennis icons, making it a landmark in the sport. The Legends Team Cup weaves together exceptional tennis, stunning locations, and a luxury lifestyle into a singular, captivating package.

The Legends Team Cup will be broadcasted to billions of households around the globe. Apply now to be a candidate to host a Legends Team Cup event. After we have received your application, we will send detailed information.

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