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High-Class Performance, Spectacular Destinations, Luxury Lifestyle

The Legends Team Cup is a truly unique, brand new experience in the tennis world. The Legends Team Cup effortlessly sews together amazing tennis, beautiful vistas and a truly luxury lifestyle all into one package. Striving to create a new era in the tennis world with thrilling competitions with tennis icons, the Legends Team Cup truly does stand out.

The Competition
The Legends Team Cup feature ten of the greatest tennis players of all time, all of which have had an ATP ranking of at least 8. The players are split up into two teams, coached by the legendary Pat Cash & Ivan Lendl, creating a fierce rivalry between both players and captains. Each year a draft will be held in which the captains choose their teams for the year. The draft in itself is a very exciting event full of suspense.

The Locations
What truly sets the Legends Team Cup apart from other competitions are the unreal locations the tournament is being played on. All venues are custom built for the tournament creating an unrivaled uniqueness.

3 days event (1 session each day)
Each session 3 matches are played – two singles and a doubles
No player can play singles more than once each day.
At least three of the four players must play singles and doubles. No doubles combination is played more than
once, unless for the Decider on Day 3, if points are 9:9

MATCH FORMAT (Both singles and doubles)
Pro Set to 8 games and a 10 points match tie break 8 (with a 2 points margin)

Day 1: 1 point per win in each match
Day 2: 2 points per win in each match
Day 3: 3 points per win in each match
The winning team must reach 10 points; In the event of a tie after all 9 matches are played, a final doubles Match Tie break to 10 points will be played to decide the winner.

Team nominations will be announced by Captains at 10AM. Players Match-ups are determined through the exchange of lineup cards by the captains

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